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Convert your wood buring fireplace to gas, design a modern look, and maximize heat efficiency.
Tubular George will help you create the cozy fireplace of your dreams.

Glass Doors: The easy Way to Prevent "Morning After" Smells.... and to Stop House Heat Loss!

When the fire dies off, the lower fire temperature does not create enough draft to send the smoke up in the flue.

Since you cannot yet close the damper (unless you want to turn your home into a smoke house!), the smoke seeps into your house all night, leaving a nasty "morning after" smell. Glass doors keep that from happening.

Wether you are burning Gas Logs with the Damper permanently open as per Safety Codes or are burning wood and cannot close the damper while the fire is still smoldering, the damper ends up remaining opened all night! This is like leaving a window wide open in the middle of winter!!!


For Maximum Heat Efficiency and Confort Control

If you plan on using your fireplace to heat your house, you might want to consider an Insert. Valor inserts have a distinct design and efficient, radiant heating performance. The clean trims and large viewing area highlight warm glowing flames.

Gas Fireplace Accessories


Gas Logs

Beauty & Convenience

Gas logs are sized to fit your fireplace perfectly. The long lasting, versatile, natural looking inserts, are safe and economical and can be turned on wirelessly with the touch of a remote.



Warmth & Beauty

Fire glass is tempered glass manufactured as a medium to retain and direct heat in fireplaces and gas fire pits. Fire glass does not burn, but retains heat and refracts light as a result of burning gas. Nothing compares to sharing the warmth and beauty of a fire. Now you can enjoy all that with none of the hauling, soot and ashes. That’s what a fire is meant to be.


Fire Stones

Stylish & Colorful

Embellish your burner with these lite stones that are certain to make a wonderful combination and a stylish flare when accompanied by a dancing fire.


Glass Balls

Clean & Modern

Decorative fire spheres for natural gas fireplaces and outdoor fire patio fireplaces and fire pits.

Premium Quality & a Great Selection of Styles

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